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Introducing Solid Geometry with Marshmallows and Toothpicks #MTBoS

Today we began the last unit of the year in my Geometry class that involves solid 3-dimensional figures.  I opted to play a game with my students and challenged them to build towers out of marshmallows and toothpicks in a group of three.


The idea was to build the tallest free standing tower in seven minutes..IMG_6245.JPG

It was fun to listen to students as they determined what would make the strongest foundation, ensure that their structure did not get too heavy and topple over, and ensure that they had enough building supplies.

IMG_6243.JPGIt was a good activity and in the end we were able to define some terms for class as well:

edges – “toothpicks” – where two faces meet

faces – the flat “surfaces” of the “solid” (which in our case were invisible and the solid was not really all that solid at all)

vertex or vertices – “marshmallows” – where two edges meet

After the building, students then went online to do a Quizlet (I found one that suited my needs and adapted it) even though I had not introduced the terms.  It was awesome that they were able, through trial and error, to determine the meanings of some of the terminology.

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The Friday Five #MTBoS30

I really enjoy doing this Friday Five.  This week I had PLENTY of ideas to choose from.  Here are some of the blogs and posts that I have enjoyed this week.  I’ll save the other ideas for another week 🙂

1.)  When I get a smartboard, I will have to remember this website.  This website QUICKLY turns your smartboard (or any device) into an interactive whiteboard

2.)  Got this idea for bellwork next year

• Mental Math Mondays
• Talking Points Tuesday
• Estimation Wednesday
• Tough Pattern Thursday
• Favorite No Friday
3.)  Geogebra application to introduce trig in geometry.  Here is a post on using Geogebra for a number sense activity.
4.) Two Truths and a Lie in a Math Class.  SOOOOO fun.  For Geometry, I would love to do this with quadrilateral properties.
5.)  Trashketball lessons on volume of spheres and linear system of equations. Awesomeness.