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#NCSM Un-Conference Experience #unconf2016

NCSM Un-Conference

I’ve always been interested in how an EdCamp or “un-conference” model could be used with other “conferences”.  It was interesting to see how non-edCamp people navigated the system so well.  I was impressed with the conversations and often wanted to be in two places at once.  I am excited about some ideas I got from the event and plan to implement some of those ideas even this week.

Was surprised to see Mary Jo, @mjtav, and Margie, @MargiePligge there.  It’s always pleasant to see familiar faces.  Additionally, I saw my old Geometry book 🙂 another old friend.  Anytime anyone mentions that book in the math community it seems well received.

Below are links to the sessions I attended.

Chromebooks in a Math Classroom

Motivating the Unmotivated

GeoGebra > GSP

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My Experience at #ICE16 – Friday

KeynoteTom Murray

I loved this presentation.  Tom is a gifted speaker and I really felt like I walked away with energy to take on the challenges of technology integration.  Here were some of the ideas from his presentation that resonated with me:

  • When so much has changed, why do our classrooms look the same?
  • “The Cemetary Effect” – equidistant tomb stones in rows all facing the same direction.  Is this how we want our schools to look.
  • We need to create schools that are “future ready”.
  • We don’t want to create schools that don’t just parrot back what we say.  Robots will replace 5 million jobs.
  • UPDATED version of Maslow’s needs hierarchy:


  • updated UPDATED version of Maslow’s needs hierarchy:

updated 2.jpg


  • When we are measuring seat time we are measuring the wrong end of the learner.
  • We need to personalize our education and professional development.
  • When you have a group of people we shouldn’t just talk at them for sixty minutes.  We want our students to own their learning – how do we get teachers to OWN their own learning.
  • We need to connect to others so we don’t become stale.
  • Periscope could really be leveraged in a school environment
  • @kjarrett EdCamp  founder…used the idea with 8th graders.where-the-magic-happens-your-comfort-zone_daily-inspiration.jpg
  • Sometimes what we have communicated to our families and what they hear are two very different things – song lyrics that Americans get wrong.
  • How are you branding your school?  What are you doing to tell your school’s story?  What is our vision?  Someone is telling your school’s story, is it you?
  • One of the biggest problems we have is EQUITY.
  • Plan for Technology at a national level.
  • OSMO <- check it out
  • Do you know who has access to wi-fi at home?  Many of our schools do not have the wi-fi that even mount everest has.
  • We need to ask about access (if and how) at home when students come to school.  Let’s curate places that offer wi-fi to let our students use…ask businesses if they can offer it…then make a Google map of those places.  Coachella Valley Unified School District – 100% free and reduced lunch – put wi-fi on the busses.  Put the parked busses in the poorest areas – what if they get stolen but what if students learn.  Build wi-fi in the ENTIRE community.
  • Your attitude more than your aptitude will determine your altitude
  • Rube Goldberg monster trap audri clemmons
  • Digital Use Divide
  • A Shining School -Kleenex ad video


Session I: What’s New in Office 365

Didn’t realize I get a free download of the new Office.  I have avoided getting this as I dislike the ribbon HOWEVER, maybe I should at least give it more than just a cursory glance and make my decision from there.

The presenter talked about Sway.  A cool thing that it does is that it will reformat the presentation based on the device.  Again, I am curious about whether Google does it better.  From what I could see, only if you have Sway can you edit them.  Still worth a look.  The Office Mix also seems like a tool I might use because it does screen casting and you can upload the video to the website so it is viewable by anyone.  Office 365 Video – can access your files from any device.

I guess my biggest complaint is that all of the software just seems clunky.  What you give up in customization allows for collaboration when you use Google products that do the same thing.

Session II: How to Discover and Integrate Great Tools for Learning

@sgarton121 – Steve Garton – Common Sense Education

1d9ee848560feddb61cd3e89d170f038.jpg you can search for problems based on common core standard allowed me to find this: which might be applicable RIGHT NOW in my Geometry class


Session III: Do You Have A “Student-Led” Classroom

David Karnoscak

Making the shift

  • what are your core values?
  • what is the culture like?
  • team up with your students to make it a good learning environment
  • StarStudent of the day – gets a rolly chair for the day 🙂

I felt bad leaving this session early but Medela awaited me.


Session IV: Chrome…The Browser Battle

Type in FunFacts into the omnibox and you will get a random fact

MoveNote is an app that allows you to voice over your screencast

Google Drive Quick Create is an app that will allow you to quickly create a Google Drive file

Incognito – when you do that it masks your computer like you aren’t signed in

GAFE 101 Chrome

Session V: BreakoutEDU

Now I am OBSESSED with this game.  I want a box.  Totally need to check out how to make one.

General Notes

I need to check out Graphite since it seems to help with my cutting the clutter idea.  My To-Do list is growing by the second at this conference but this seems like a great source

The Rule of Two Feet should be in effect at all times. 🙂